Membership and Fees

Annual Membership is 15,000 THB 

Monthly Fees:

Standard Stable                                  15,500

Premium Stable                                  17,500 

Groom Fee                                               5,000 

Includes: Our health management; bedding; access to all riding facilities and horse walker, lorry and trailer parking, and paddocks.

*This package excludes feed, farriery, and veterinary costs*

Training Fees 

Five Sessions (per week):                   20,000 (per month)

Three Sessions:                                       15,000 

One Session:                                                1,000

Competition Assistance:                       2,000             

*Training packages include private lessons and professional schooling* 

Training with Own Horse  

Group Lesson:                1,000

Private Lesson:               1,500

Jumping Lesson:            1,500

Clinic with an EP Horse

Flatwork Lesson:           2,000

Jumping Lesson:            2,500

Retired Horses 

All-in package:               25,000 

Includes: Groom & stable (bedding, electricity, water), feed, vaccines and de-wormer, walking machine and paddocks

*This package excludes farriery and veterinary costs*

Accommodation for Members

Room per night:          800

Room per month:   8,000